Searching of home – Poem

I’m in search of a place called home,
Since I came here.
The place where I come from
The place where I belong.
I asked everyone I saw.
Everywhere I go,
Is it you, is it you?
There’s never an answer.

I’m in search of a place called home,
Since I came here.
A place far away,
A place I don’t even know exists.
I look up to the stars and ask
Why did you send me here
If this isn’t my home?
There’s only silence I heard.

With love,

I’m a Lotus – Poem

I’m a lotus.
You will have to peel
A Hundred layers and
A Thousand petals to
Know the real fragrance.

I’m a lotus.
You will have to let me
Bloom myself, in
My own pace to
See the beauty of me.

I’m a lotus.
You’ll never see me
Fall, because
My roots are deep
Down in the earth.

I’m a lotus.
You will never see me
Fail, because
I flourished from the
Mud and turbulent waters.

I’m a lotus.
I will never let you give up
On your dreams and hopes,
Because I will make you
Realize, the gem of wisdom
You have been seeking
Is already within you.

(I just wrote this poem a few days ago, and I know it’s a mess, to be honest. But this is so closer to my heart because I feel like this is my life and my purpose. As I mentioned in the poem, I am always felt related to the lotus. I know many of you can relate to it too. I am so sorry for the grammatical mistakes)

With love


(All rights of the picture reserved to the respectful owner)

I’m light.
I bared my soul to the world,
Let my light.
Thinking that people will
Love me for who I am.
Wanted to be the one
Who spread the love,
Make all around smile.
A shoulder to cry on.
Little bit I knew that,
They were blinded by
My light.

They penetrated a dagger through
My glowing soul,
My arms, my heart.
I’m shattered like a
Broken glass,
Like a bird’s nest
In a thunderstorm.
Little bit they knew that
I’m light.

They broke my soul,
Broke my heart.
Cut mark all over me
Expecting me to bleed,
Little bit they knew that
I’m light.

Light leaking through
All my cuts,
Keeps my soul shining.
More light bleeding,
Through my veins.
Little bit they knew that
I’m light.

They kept trying
And trying to,
Cut me more, tear me down.
I kept shedding light.
I said’em my light,
is not something I have.
It’s what I’m.
I’m light.

(This is my first post on this blog. It’s a new day and a new journey for me. I seek your love and support all along. )

With love,