Hello world!

I’m Vysag, welcoming you all to my blog, Ultrraviolence. I have been in an on and off relationship with blogging since 2017. I don’t consider myself as a professional blogger, I’m a passionate. To be honest, I love writing most. I love channeling my thoughts, emotions, energy and spirit through words. It always made me wonder that many random sounds and letters conjoined can awake emotions, understanding and make impact on people. It can create beauty or chaos. I love using this power to liberate and ascend myself to a greater dimension.

I had 3 blogs on WordPress in the past. My blogging journey started in 2017 with a blog called “Vysag’s Journal“, where I used to write stories and poems. In 2018, “Ananda Spiritual“, which was a spiritual blog and in 2019, “Silent story of Vysag“, intended to be a personal blog, but later I drifted from that idea. But after a while of posting and growing readers for my blog, I didn’t resonate with any of these blogs, and it became a headache that I had to write and post a certain type of content and to fit myself into that niche. I had to close each blog within a year because it was too restricting for me. I value my freedom and self-expression a lot.

As you read above, I value my freedom, creativity and self-expression a lot. Ultrraviolence is a place where I express myself without any restrictions and to liberate my soul. You will not find any refined content in this blog. Just me being me, sharing my light and spirit with you. I am not here for critical receptions and reviews. I want to express myself freely. I want to share the art that I am. I am sharing my views, my creativity and my spirit. This is me speaking my truth.

If you made this far, I thank you for visiting and reading my blog. I am grateful for your love and support.

With love,